You Need More Action!

I want to start giving you guys a lot more practical stuff so we take away the excuses, all the excuses in existence of not being able to do. Because the other day I was looking at some of the famous quotes of all philosophers of all times, the ones that I could use to help you guys get motivated and do stuff. I found one that was surprising from the great Pablo Picasso. He was basically quoted by saying that “Action is the foundational key piece of all success”. A painter back a long time ago, when he was famous, he was talking about the way to become successful in this world the way to actually have people grow and accomplish great things was through action. Whatever it is.

I want to stop a little bit on the “rah-rah let’s go” and “let’s take over the world and conquer it” and go more in the “This is what you gotta do”. Because I consider myself a practical individual.

Now throughout the last couple of years it happens that, I may be unintentionally just from my natural-born passion, I actually inspire people and motivate them a lot because I’m very intense. When I’m on stage, when I’m doing seminars, when I’m talking to people, when I’m on Facebook Live, when I’m doing videos… I’m very passionate about what I do. I do feel really, really certain that there’s opportunities out there.

I think that sometimes people need to hear them in a very loud voice in order for them to actually do something about it and to wake up. I think there’s such a thing as people that are “universe shifters” people that are helping people wake up to the opportunities of today. People that are actually changing conditions of the planet. I call them “universe shifters” because these people are able to grab a person’s mind. These people, they know how to communicate well and actually make them act and change their negative viewpoints on things. Make them see that the world is full of opportunities. Have the mindset necessary to be successful in reality.

One of the biggest weaknesses that entrepreneurs have or, people that are not successful in life for whatever reason is that they have the wrong mindset. In order for you to be successful in this world you first have to change your mindset. I’m a Facebook guy because that’s where I know you can capture the most attention at the lowest cost.

I’m an Instagram guy… I’m a messenger guy because I think that’s where the largest opportunities are in order for you to be able to accomplish some great things in an amount of time that used to take decades. Now you can do it in a year or less. There’s many ways around it. If you go through my content, my podcast, my Facebook pages, my Instagram… all over the place. I am really going aggressively towards giving you guys tools. I’m even building free mini-courses that are gonna take people step-by-step, at least getting their feet wet and getting something done so they can start taking control of their future!