Using the Conversions Objectives

Let me explain to you exactly how this works the first column over here, this is an awareness column, the second one is a consideration column, the third one is the conversion column.

Do you guys know? You probably did because I just realized this a few months ago that this is a marketing funnel from not being a customer to becoming a customer.

This is incredible, why? Because Facebook is telling you right here that the first type of campaigns that you should be running is the “awareness campaign” and the “branding campaign”.

This lets people know how you can help them. It’s an individual connection with another human being is what you’re trying to establish at this first point. That’s a “branding campaign” that’s an “awareness campaign”. The way that you do this right here is that you start off with these campaigns and we get awareness and conversion.

Facebook directly from Facebook what do they say? Objectives: Generate interest with your product or service. It’s not that they’re gonna buy your stuff, it’s just generating interest.

The second column is “consideration”. What does it say? Objectives that get people to start thinking about your business and look for more information about it.

On this particular level what we’re trying to do is get people to start thinking about doing business with us. Does that make sense? It’s a funnel, it’s a process, it’s an actual relationship building system that you’re trying to put into play.

These people now become your army, your brand ambassadors.They help with word of mouth and they get more people into your funnels. Then, at some point, they buy your products and not only that they buy them over and over again.

If you have a consumer good package, right, a consumer goods packaged product that you can actually buy over and over, then the “conversions objectives”  will help encourage people to be interested in your product to purchase or use your product or service.

You see when you’re running campaigns on Facebook you are getting them through a funnel.  At the beginning of your efforts you’re trying to bring awareness. Later on the you’re trying to develop “consideration” where you make them think about your brand product or service. How do you do that? You have “traffic campaigns”.  You have “engagement video views campaigns” and “lead generation message campaigns”.  A little later, down the line, you use retargeting for whatever channels that you want to use.

When it comes to actually getting your audience to purchase your product or service, you use “conversions campaigns”. The conversions catalog sells store visits, those are actions that you are trying to take to make people act and become your customers.