The Power of Re-Targeting

Hey guys, so today I want to talk about something very, very powerful, that people don’t really understand how it works yet. That is the magical world of retargeting on these social media platforms that we have today. This is like probably the most underutilized area of Facebook advertising because, in reality, on Facebook and, Instagram and, Messenger and these platforms we have a digital footprint that we know exactly what’s going on every step of the way.

For example, when somebody watches a video on Facebook, we advertisers, brands, we have access to that data. We can understand if somebody’s watching 25%, 3 seconds, 50%, 75% all that sort of information is available. If somebody message your page you know that data. If somebody went to your website you know that data. If somebody bounced out of your website right away, if they saw only a couple of pages, then you have that data.

If somebody is one of your top buyers out there, if they’re on the top of your list when it comes to your purchasers we also have that data as advertisers. If somebody has not purchased from you in the lab from you, in the last 160 days you have that data.

Retargeting today has taken a whole new meaning, used to call it remarketing. You send out a postcard to somebody into their house and then you can send out a second postcard. That’s supposed to be remarketing. That’s nothing because you don’t really know if somebody consume the first piece of content. Do you want to know about a business built 100% of retargeting? This one right here. This business is built on retargeting.

For example when you look at the people here in this place, answering phone calls all the time, these people that phone ringing all the time non-stop, it’s coming from the world of retargeting. Meaning, that people are consuming my dad’s content, they are seeing what we have to do in social media, what we have to talk about. Then I am placing a second message in front of them that is gonna help them get a little more connected with us. Along the way sometimes I put a second message, a third message, a fourth message, as sixth message and then I sell them. The world of direct selling doesn’t work anymore like it used.

Right now if you want to sell you have to actually build relationships along the way. If you guys check it out, we have the warehouse here. This is my offices here in Florida. This is all our warehouses over here, which will ship out products all over the world, to eight different countries. Amazon eCommerce, different brick-and-mortar stores all over the world just through retargeting.

Let me tell you, something guys, we do not sell a product to somebody that doesn’t know who we are. If somebody has not seen my dad’s face before I do not sell to them. I do not put my message in front of them because people don’t trust you unless they seen you before. Whenever I see somebody tell me “Hey I already tried Facebook advertising and it didn’t work”. Well, you know why it didn’t work? Because you were not retargeting. You got to put video out there. You’ve gonna change the world. You’ve gonna let them know exactly how you’re helping them out and just provide some kind of value. Then from there you can actually sell them something be like, “Hey guess what, I have this product to offer you. I can help you and I can make you all better.”

If you’re not understanding anything that I’m talking about you gotta learn about it. I have a lot of information about it. I talk about it a lot. I cover in my course and I want you guys to learn all about retargeting.

That’s the modern world. The digital footprints are being left in social media you need to pay attention to them. You know along the way who’s interested and who’s not that interested.

Right here, at the end, you can see my sign for my agency is called AGM.  It stands for “Attention Grabbing Media”. I know how to capture their attention. The way that you capture that attention better and better, easier, easier along the way is through retargeting. Putting a message in front of somebody time and time again until they trust you.

Once they trust you, they’re yours. Now you can build a really long-lasting relationship in which you can provide value to them non-stop. Along the way you might be asking how do I get started? Well if you go to the, the Business Manager there’s a section called “audiences”. And audiences… you can create audiences of people that have visited website. Your customer email list, people that consume your content, that follow your page, all that stuff is available in this incredible world of Facebook advertising.

Alright guys that’s my message for the day talk, to you soon!