The Facebook Ninja Podcast | Episode 1 – Getting started on Facebook how to grow an Instagram

Welcome to the Facebook Marketing Ninja podcast with your host: Hello this is Manuel Suarez.

Here on episode number 4… well I have been for the last few weeks I’ve been a little bit disconnected from doing podcasts. I’ve been traveling a lot delivering seminars in Las Vegas delivering seminars in the Caribbean… I’ve been all around!

One of the things that I want to talk about today is “opportunity”.

I still get incredibly blown away with the fact that people don’t fully understand how big the opportunity is in this modern era. The opportunity is so big especially because there’s so many people still doing the wrong thing and so few of us actually doing the right thing.

When it comes to marketing, getting a message across and increasing the awareness of your brand of your product or service, is so easy. Social media is an amazing opportunity for marketers!

I mean, what I teach is not something for geniuses only. What I talk about and what I teach it’s actually quite simple. I usually take a complicated subject and make it into something very easily digestible.

The country where I was born, Puerto Rico, they have a thing, when something is very simple, that they call it basically explaining in rice and beans.

Basically this subject, if you take it step-by-step, you will be able to know how to use it, apply it and be successful at it.

Today I want to talk a little bit about what I think is the biggest opportunity.  When it comes to getting a lot of attention for a very little amount of money then you know you have a great opportunity with Facebook.

When I talk about Facebook people usually think about this “cute blue icon” that they see on their iPhones or on their Androids. Facebook was something people used to access through a computer and that has evolved dramatically for social media.

If it wasn’t for the need to know what’s going on with friends and family and staying in touch with everybody, I wouldn’t know anything about it if it wasn’t on Facebook. If I didn’t have social media… if I didn’t have Facebook now I would never have any communication with friends or even family that usually I wouldn’t see ever.  With Facebook, I know what’s going on with them. I know what’s happening in their lives, how many kids they have and what they are working on. I know if they’re being successful or if they are happy etc. 

Sometimes, social media presents an opportunity for anybody to pretend they are something they’re not. We do see that people are not necessarily happy. But when you look at their social media platform they look like they’re enjoying life and really doing great. 

A realization that I had along the way about media companies like NBC , CNBC, CBS, Wall Street Journal and, New York Times, I mean, we have all kinds of companies that have been around for many, many decades. They are all media companies in the same way that Facebook is. Facebook, which is probably one of the biggest media companies that we have had in history,  was built as a social media platform to have friends and family connect with each other.

The reality is that the company was built in order to be able to be a massive communication channel for brands, products and services to communicate their message. It is an incredible marketing platform!

In order for someone, as a company, to be able to scale and to be able to actually generate attention.  In the end, attention is the only thing that makes a company win. If you don’t generate attention you simply won’t be successful it’s as simple as that.

There is no company on the planet that is successful that has growing numbers that has great revenue or great income if they don’t capture attention. Attention equals income. Attention equals money.

A platform like Facebook, like Instagram, like Messenger or like YouTube… like all these guys, Twitter, Pinterest etc. they present you with an opportunity to capture a lot of attention. It’s so new, if you think about it, in the grand scheme of things. The internet world has only been around for about maybe 20 years – 25 years at the most… so the whole thing is really still in baby stages.

If you think about a world that has been in existence for many many thousands of years, if you think about business models that have been around for hundreds of years, if you think about a marketing world that suddenly has access to this game that we call “the internet”, well it’s only just beginning.

A platform like Facebook, again meaning Instagram, Messenger and Whatsapp they’re all one of the same platforms like Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive officer of Facebook Inc., speaks during the Facebook F8 Developers Conference in San Francisco, California, U.S., on Wednesday, March 25, 2015. Zuckerberg plans to unveil tools that let application makers reach the social network’s audience while helping the company boost revenue. Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The founder Mark Zuckerberg came out last year in a presentation which was in a world summit they do every single year and he talked about Facebook and he mentioned the long term vision for the company. Zuckerberg was talking about the entire family of platforms and their Facebook controls have only evolved 2% of their true potential. Imagine that for a second through 2% of your true potential! What does it mean? It means we are just barely getting started.

There’s a big tsunami that is just beginning to form and we are right smack at the bottom of it. When I do seminars, most people are completely unaware how to use the power of Facebook to their advantage to build their dreams. It’s great because it just has been confirming for me how new this opportunity is. 

In case you guys don’t know how Facebook works, maybe some of you guys that are listening,  I talk about this and I can explain, if you go to your Facebook newsfeed, and a newsfeed is pretty much the same thing as a newspaper, we all have one. If you go to your newsfeed you will see today on your phone that for every four, five or six publications from your friends and family there is a marketer for a company or a brand that is paying to be in a spot there in your newsfeed. A company pays a little bit of money to put themselves in front of people that aren’t even aware of their brand yet or pays a little bit of money to put themselves in front of somebody that does know your brand and  knows it’s a customer of yours.

For example I can give facebook a list of my current customers and Facebook will find them. I can continue to communicate with them. I can continue the conversation with those people on the Facebook platform that way we can stay more connected and in a place that I know they are using . When I do seminars I am noticing more and more and more when I ask them who is using Facebook actively. We are getting, in the USA, about a 90 percent hand raise here. Which means that eighty to ninety percent of the entire adult population is using this platform every single day for entertainment for education for connection to find out what’s going on with friends and family.

They are using it for everything. They are using it to watch videos, to read articles, to consume content left and right. And for the first time ever, we have a platform that has access to the entire freaking planet.

Just like that, this is something that we never had before. No company, no organization, no brand and no media company has ever had so much power to access an entire population like Facebook does.What they’re doing is it’s pretty incredible.

All you gotta do, if you are listening to this podcast and you want to learn more about it, all you gotta do is start somewhere and start learning how to use it. When I started building my own brands… when I started building my own companies and helping other companies create multi-million dollars in revenue… well I didn’t know anything yet. I sat down at a computer and I realized there was something special going on with this platform. And I started getting really good at utilizing it and maximizing the results for it.

I took my dad’s business from $2 million dollars to $28 million dollars in a matter of three years in international revenue. I took my own business using Amazon and Facebook from $0 to $6 million dollars in sales within his first two years so again it’s just a matter of learning. Just like when you were riding a bicycle and you needed training wheels and then you took them off the same thing applies to the marketing world. You have to learn how you get better at it, improve and continue to acquire abilities in the area just as you would with anything else out there that you ever get involved with. It’s something that you have to develop along the way.

So, today I’m going to give you an actionable tip for you to implement. If you feel like learning more about this subject, if you want to start learning about how to use this platform, the first step is to get your accounts set up. I will advise you to go to the website which is, create an account and start looking around.

If you want to ask me any questions about what I am doing and how I can help you can go to my facebook page. There’s an easy way to send me a message. If you go to you will send me a message directly you can ask me any questions about what I teach. Okay, so again it’s, that is a page I recently started building about a week or two ago so I’m gonna be using that page to communicate and to get you guys to go in there and ask any questions. This way I can continuously engage with what you guys need help with.

I really do have a mission, as I was building businesses I realized that a lot of people didn’t know about what I was doing. Most people didn’t know and at the same time I knew that knowledge was everything and knowledge was power. I realized that I was a really good teacher. I could get somebody from a complete novice, complete inexperience on the subject to becoming good at it. Become good enough that you can see results and actually be able to create the effect that they want. Again if you want to reach me you can go to my personal Messenger on my Facebook page which is You can also go to my Facebook page if you want to follow me is

Okay guys so I hope that you liked it! Again there is opportunity if you want to build an Amazon brand for example you need to know how to control traffic Facebook shows you how to control that traffic. Facebook gives you that unlimited traffic for you to manipulate and create your brand. If you want to have your local business get more attention then that’s also something that Facebook will help you with. If you have a national or international business or brand, it doesn’t really matter if you know how to control Facebook. 

Facebook opens up the door to everything because they are simply evolving and they are taking over the world when it comes to attention.

I hope that you guys can put that into action and realize that there is no reason for you guys to not be dreamers and there’s no reason for you to not go out there and shoot for your dreams. They are all accessible in this opportunity.  A few years down the line we will recall it as the greatest marketing era in the history of humanity. Okay guys I’ll talk to you guys in the next episode.