The Art of Scaling Facebook Ads

SCALING ADS ON FACEBOOK IS AN ART. You have been empowered with something that most people die to have.

Start visualizing what is your ideal cost per result on everything that you’re trying to accomplish. Whether it is a video view, a generated lead, a purchase – anything that you’re trying to accomplish. What are you shooting for?

How Do You Scale Your Ads on Facebook?

It’s an important science that you need to master. When you master this it makes it so easy for you to continue to grow.

  • Grab that little paper
  • Find out ideally what is that the number that you’re shooting for on the result
  • Set up your rules
  • Scale your ads
  • Build your custom audience

Now you can scale widely with new custom audiences. Broadly, deeply with the same audiences that you’re going after with higher budgets.

You are using the power of Facebook to scale widely and test out new things that are also going to give you results or might even give you better results. Then you’re winning as in getting whatever you are getting.

More companies, more marketers are going to be putting their money into the digital world and that’s going to make it a little bit more difficult to actually stand out. You still got a couple of years until the world catches on a little bit.

The Traditional Way is Deep Scaling

Meaning that if you’re doing $50 in ads and you see results now you can do $100 in ads and now you can do $200 in ads.

That’s not the most powerful way to scale your ads on Facebook!

Automated Rules Will Help You Scale Your Facebook Ads

Automated rules will help you save some money on your actual ads. The biggest messaging platform on the planet, being used by over 2 billion people, is owned by Facebook.

There’s two ways that you can scale on Facebook:

  • One of them is broadly and;
  • Another one is widely

What is the Difference on That?

Well, scaling widely is nontraditional. It means that you’re gonna grab an audience that you have and you’re going to build a look-alike audience. Then another look-alike audience.

Then you’re gonna grab that message and maybe build another audience. Go after another audience. Now you call another creative and you do more strategies.

For example, you can test out one strategy with one ad set and with one audience and one actual creative.

Now, instead of optimizing for conversions, you can optimize for landing page views it is as simple as that. It gets better with practice. Keep in mind you are paid based on your abilities. Helping other companies, helping yourself, mastering the art of Facebook advertising.

It’s not Facebook, it’s Facebook and Instagram and all the family of apps that are only gonna get better.