Social Media Marketing Hack: Successful Actions of Your Competitors

You know how you wonder how to actually reverse engineer your competitors on Facebook? How do they run their ads? How do they write their copy? What images they use? How do they create their videos? What call to actions they use? Websites… how do they look? What are the landing pages? What strategies are they going after? Guys, guess what? You have access to it now. You have been given access to this data.

You go to Facebook and go to any page, go to any page that you want… like my dad’s page, MetabolismoTV. Go to any of your competitors. Go to anybody that you’re familiar with, ok? Pages. only for Pages. Now there’s an option, that is at the top right…  at the right corner of the banner, ok? It’s on the right corner of that, at the bottom right corner of the Facebook banner. On the page, once you go to the Page on Facebook. It says something like “info on ads”. Once you click one, that guys, you’re gonna be able to see every single ad that company is currently running.

Now if that company was running an ad, it’s gonna show all the active ads that that brand is running right now. 

That by itself guys, do you know how powerful that is? You have access to right now… understanding what these companies are running now as ads. Message campaigns, video views, lead generation, campaign website visits, website traffic, traffic direct to Amazon. Anything and everything that you can possibly think up no matter what it is. Whether it’s an e-commerce brand, whether it is a realtor or, a construction company or, like let’s say a business-to-business for example. IBM or any of these big players… guys… you can find out what ads they are running currently.

Don’t start copying and pasting things and doing exactly what other companies are doing. It’s used as an example. Use them as an example on how to build your own ads, how to do your own creative.

Also, the ones that are doing them correctly, the brands that are doing it correctly, how they actually are doing it. How are they capturing attention? Do you know what I notice that’s interesting? It’s like you don’t see the engagement on the ads. You can’t see the engagement. You can’t see the people that are liking the post, commenting, you can’t see the actual shares on it. You can see the entire structure of the ad and if you click on it you’ll be able to click through to the website or to the Messenger or to whatever it is that they’re sending people to. But you won’t be able to open up the actual post on how people are seeing it on the page.

I want you guys to start learning about it because in reality, understanding how this thing works is gonna make your life easier as an advertiser a lot. Play around with it.

You know what’s gonna happen? It’s gonna be addictive. If you guys are trying to build ads, you’re trying to understand how to write your content, how to actually write your call-to-actions, you’re trying to understand what images to use, what images to not use, all that stuff it’s gonna make your life a lot easier. It’s gonna speed up if you were gonna take, I don’t know, an hour to write a copy. Now you can take a few minutes only because you have an idea, especially if you know it’s a brand that’s doing a good job. You have an idea on how to get your message across based on what is going on in social media and how these companies are communicating their message you.