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I think that just like any other business, they’re trying to sell something. Any business, no matter what it is, will not be able to sell anything unless they capture attention, right? That’s what we need, attention. Jake: I like to help up-and-coming artists you know? Establish artists? They’re great, they’re established, they’re doing their […]

Digital Marketing Strategy 2020 – All Entrepreneurs Need to Know About CBO

I can tell you that anywhere from 10 to 20 audiences is great. If you do 40 because you have the time to, go ahead and create 40 audiences in there. Another thing that I want to mention before we end about the CBO is that you know there’s something called “audience overlapping”. How to […]

What Is A Facebook CBO Campaign ? – How to Spend Money on Facebook Ads

Yes and if you guys are doing random campaign creations then we have a problem. Because that’s how I used to do it and I used to run into a lot of trouble. It was very difficult to find out what was working was not working and how to scale. You want to make sure […]

Copywriting Tips for Social Media Ads

…And that this is one of the most underutilized areas and in Facebook advertising. I want you guys to start learning about how to write compelling messages that convert. This is the Creative Department right here. For example if you go to and you open up your message, there’s going to be an option […]

Don’t Be Left Behind – Riding Opportunity Waves

Where I’m at today is a self-built path that was not part of the system. I guess just like everything else right, there’s two sides- right? There’s a pessimist the, “Debbie Downers”. The ones that are always complaining on social media, like saying that “worlds gonna end” because, you know, things are changing. And then […]

Facebook Algorithm 2020 Trust it!

Absolutely make sure that you let that algorithm do its thing. If you do that, you will win, trust the algorithm. Trust the algorithm. I want you guys to trust Facebook, trust the system, trust Instagram. Don’t decide what you think is good copy, what you think is a good video, what you think is […]

Failure is Part of Success

…Process of growing there’s a lot of pains that come up along the way, right? Like you realize a lot of holes. The one thing that I can tell you about an agency, that has been influential, is that having failures along the way, which I’ve had many, I’ve had again… the list goes on […]