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You Need More Action!

I want to start giving you guys a lot more practical stuff so we take away the excuses, all the excuses in existence of not being able to do. Because the other day I was looking at some of the famous quotes of all philosophers of all times, the ones that I could use to […]

Let’s Talk About Podcasting

Now the marketing goes into play, right? Now we start doing the Messenger broadcast. We start doing you know, Facebook post. We promoted everywhere we can. I know we start getting people in there. My goal is to get a hundred thousand people and within the next year or so. We’ll see if we can […]

Manuel Suarez – My Life Story

I am a made entrepreneur. I’m not a “born entrepreneur”. I am the founder and CEO of a company called AGM Marketing. I am a Facebook Certified professional. One of the few official certifications in the Facebook advertising world.  I know what’s working, I know the strategies that work and I know which ones don’t […]

Facebook Marketing Ads: Rule of 7

First step that I’m gonna tell you, on this retargeting masterclass that we’re doing here today, is that if you have not set up your Business Manager on Facebook then that’s gonna be your first step. Business Manager is actually your go-to place to be able to create these audiences. I call them “buckets of […]


The marketing world is so dramatically turned. I mean why are you gonna be learning how to do a thirty-second video ad today? Why would you do that? Why would you learn how to create an impact on a quarter of a page on a newspaper ad? People, we have a massive communication device that […]


When you set up automated rules you actually give control to Facebook to help you scale your winners and cut your losers that are making you bleed out, okay? And that’s the beauty of it. Let’s say for example that you have a certain metric, you guys have to decide what your ideal metrics are. […]

Social Media Marketing Hack: Successful Actions of Your Competitors

You know how you wonder how to actually reverse engineer your competitors on Facebook? How do they run their ads? How do they write their copy? What images they use? How do they create their videos? What call to actions they use? Websites… how do they look? What are the landing pages? What strategies are […]


Just today Andrew, just today… I actually published a video which I think is going to be very valuable to your audience. I talked about the three areas that you need to build on the social media world. From Content Creators to Community Managers to Media Buyers.  I explain each one and how to get […]


My dad, myself, my wife, and our TV producer… that’s the one that does that the show… we flew to New York and we had a one-hour meeting with Gary in his office. He was like, “oh my God, this is awesome man!” Brad: It’s a very similar to his story… Manuel: Yeah well, if […]

How to Stay Motivated as an Entrepreneur – Manuel Suarez Reveals What Keeps Him Going

I’m at the point right now in which I feel like I have woken up and there’s no turning back. Seven years ago… eight years ago… nine years ago I had no wish for greatness. I only wanted to live life and enjoy it and try to get as much as possible as I could […]