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Maximizing the Different Forms of Content

There’s four different types of content. What I want to do is get you into the mindset of producing all of them, if possible. What do I mean? Distribution of information You can have distribution of videos or images… pictures you know you have graphic images… whatever it is you have to understand that as […]

Get Your Own Rockstars

These guys are brilliant… they have to be built. This is the thing, don’t try. Build them up.  Because this is what they have: “LOYALTY”. Hire Fast, Fire Faster We build a team that feels like they’re in the same building. They all feel like they’re in the same building. I have people in Mexico, […]

Who is the “Facebook Marketing Ninja”?

I am a made entrepreneur. I’m not a born entrepreneur. I’m 37 years old. For the first 32 years of my life, I was pretty much a nine-to-five employee with no dreams, ambitions or aspirations. I was struggling a little bit financially and there were a lot of things that I wanted to accomplish. I […]

Never Stop Learning

It’s learning and then implementing that knowledge. Because those things join together, work together, on learning and applying that knowledge is basically how you grow a business. It’s basically how you form a business and how you take yourself to the next level. Knowledge, it’s one of the biggest clichés on this planet. Knowledge is […]

Campaign Level Budget Optimization

This is called the “Campaign Level Budget Optimization” and this is really, really ninja stuff, okay? Why? Because now if you’re trying to find out which is the best performing audience you don’t have to evenly distribute the actual budget across all the assets. The way it works is that you can go ahead and […]

Building a Brand

Messenger, social media, Facebook, Instagram… you got to be there and you’re gonna be there aggressively. When I say aggressively, I mean like it depends on how bad do you want it. You’ve got to do a lot of it. And you’re gonna put like a strategy behind it. When you do that it’s gonna […]

An Entrepreneur is Made Not Born

I think there’s some people that say that entrepreneurs are born not made. I disagree. I think that once you get something out of the way like whatever is tying you up… tying you down, you wake up and you really get it to the next level. You explode. You know I’m 37 years old […]


Copywriting is just like art. It’s like painting. It’s like acting. It’s an ability, it’s a science, it’s the art and science of capturing attention. Copywriting has been one of the most important factors in being able to create an impact in social media and will continue to be so. Let Me Explain to You […]

Fire It Up

Sometimes I’m just like full of energy, man. Sometimes I am just like “let’s go!”. I did a post on that the other day. I did a post on Facebook because I felt down a little bit. I felt emotionally down.   I Felt Like I Didn’t Want to Produce You know what I did? […]

Find Happiness In What You Do

Confucius the great philosopher, that talked about, “Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life”, it’s basically my philosophy. Doing What You Love Happiness basically is really engaging yourself in those activities that make you feel good, you know? For example for me, working 14 hours a day makes me […]