Never Stop Learning

It’s learning and then implementing that knowledge. Because those things join together, work together, on learning and applying that knowledge is basically how you grow a business. It’s basically how you form a business and how you take yourself to the next level.

Knowledge, it’s one of the biggest clichés on this planet. Knowledge is power. In reality it’s so darn true. That’s what it’s all about guys.

How much do you know and how much energy do you put behind it? How much information you have and how much can you do with that information? That’s what determines the endgame.

The ones that are winning in life put a good amount of time into learning. And an equivalent or even more bigger… larger amount of time into implementing what they learned along the way. Believe it or not, I am still learning more every day. I am more confident today that I know nothing. In order for me to keep on growing, I have to consistently believe that I know nothing. Yet the thing that I know with the most confidence on the planet is that I haven’t discovered 95% of my true potential yet.

Of what I can accomplish in life and how do I get there, I keep on pushing every single day to get better. If I wake up tomorrow, in the morning, and I have a billion dollars deposited on my bank account I’m still gonna work my butt off that day.  I just love the process of building businesses, of helping people, of accomplishing great things. Doing all that stuff for me is fun.

Other people enjoy going to watch baseball games, you know, other people enjoy going to watch the movies, I enjoyed this for me. Sometimes I have to force myself to just put the phone down, put the computer down, disconnect the internet, and turn on the television and watch a movie. It’s so difficult for me to do that because I don’t enjoy that.

I enjoy this, I enjoy being this, I enjoy talking to the world and doing seminars. Helping people and then seeing the results of people. People thanking me for what I’ve done for them and helping them accomplish things that they only dreamed about before. That for me is fun. That for me it’s for… like for my son playing Fortnite in that game. For me, this is playing Fortnite. I am living the Fortnite game every single day. It’s so much fun!

Two things guys:

  1. Obsessively learn every single day. Learn something new.
  2. Implement.

If you apply the combination of those two things then you’re gonna be successful. It’s not gonna happen overnight. It didn’t happen to me overnight. I’ve had a lot of failures along the way. I’ve had a lot of situations along the way I screwed up many times.  Along the way I’ve been able to get better every single day. It doesn’t go up like that.

Learn and implement. Learn and implement obsessively. Don’t try learning from 27 different people the same thing. Pick a couple of people. If you want to know about Facebook Ads stick with me. I’ll teach you everything.

If you want to learn about Amazon find a couple of one or two people that are gonna teach you how to get it done. Get concentrated. Get focused. Even if you have a full-time job, dedicate some time. An hour or two every day to learning something new we are living through the digital information age in which whatever you want to learn is accessible within your fingertips. No exceptions everything is out there for you to understand.