Maximizing the Different Forms of Content

There’s four different types of content. What I want to do is get you into the mindset of producing all of them, if possible. What do I mean?

Distribution of information

You can have distribution of videos or images… pictures you know you have graphic images… whatever it is you have to understand that as a brand, one of these particular forms of content needs to be massively put on distribution lines.

There’s tools that can help you produce videos, very simple videos. You can produce tutorials. You can produce like freebies and give-a-ways to capture more attention. Because guys, what is the name of the game at the end of the day? It’s ATTENTION.

We want to produce content that captures that attention.

Four Forms of Content

Either you do, videos or you do images… which we also call graphic images. It could be life images or… whatever it is explaining something or showing a story. Or you do written text which is like articles, ebooks. You can do a PDF that are giveaways about a particular instruction about your product.

IMAGINATION is the only limit here.

I’m gonna show you examples of how-to-build videos from nothing, on how to write articles and create freebies. On how to simply produce a podcast, for example, for your brand. That’s really cool because you can just connect your podcast with your brand. It’s going to help you generate more sales and again plant your roots. How to write articles, how to take pictures… so really cool stuff that are going on.

There’s actually all kinds of tools that allow you to actually produce audio content that gets distributed on social media. This is growing fast. Audio is one of the growers fastest… like distribution method.  It’s something that shouldn’t be ignored, completely. We should pay attention to that.

Whatever it is you need to discover, your voice, what are you’re good at, what can you produce… all of these methods. All of them, Four.

Audio, video, images, texts.

They are forms of distribution of information that are going to help you capture that attention. Technology is making it easier and easier for you to get 0nto the distribution lines of this planet.

Using Anchor to Make a Podcast

To give you a particular example, I discovered this tool, it’s called Anchor. A-N-C-H-O-R.

This is an awesome tool that it’s fast-growing, fast, and incredibly growing company. They have actually done an amazing platform that you can download on your App Store. Whether it’s an iPhone or an Android and then you can record audio directly in there.

Guess what? Once you submit the episode it goes everywhere. It goes into Apple podcast, it goes into Google Play stores, it goes into even Alexa that you can get in there the world is making it easier for you to actually be in front of so many people.

To have their ear, to have their eyes and build your brand and build your business, it’s important to have a combination of those. If you cannot do all four them get really good in one of the forms of content.