The marketing world is so dramatically turned. I mean why are you gonna be learning how to do a thirty-second video ad today? Why would you do that? Why would you learn how to create an impact on a quarter of a page on a newspaper ad?

People, we have a massive communication device that everybody is carrying in their pockets and they have signal on it 24/7. We don’t depend anymore on these guys actually sitting down in front of a television and by chance and fortune or… whatever… running into your commercial. Actually absorbing your content and responding and becoming your client. We don’t depend on that anymore.

We can do something very, very different which is way more powerful and way cheaper today than it was before. You couldn’t do this.

If you guys don’t know what I’m talking about, the way that you do Facebook advertising, Instagram advertising, Messenger marketing, and all these platforms, is called “sequential content”. What does it mean? You put people in a sequence of content. You don’t create one video and forget about it and go celebrate. Because you’re probably going to fail if you do that.

You create a series of content pieces. While people were panicking and companies were not investing money on it, I was just putting all my eggs in that basket.

My Amazon brands, I exploded them on Facebook. I manipulated my ranking on Amazon using Facebook. My dad’s business I took it from being nothing. Selling a million dollars a year to selling thirty-five million dollars a year, internationally, eight countries.

I’ve done that over and over and over again with different accounts, different brands and businesses that I service now today. There’s all kinds of people that I help with particular subject of marketing.

In 2014 I saw the opportunity and I exploded it and I remember seeing the entire path in which Facebook was pushing through the haters, the doubters and the naysayers.

They kept on pushing until they found a successful product. Two companies that I would trust a hundred percent to the end of this world, guess which ones? I’m sure you’re thinking about the same ones that I’m thinking Facebook and Amazon. Those are the two companies with the two best leaders that, as long as those guys are alive, they’re gonna keep on expanding like crazy.