Just today Andrew, just today… I actually published a video which I think is going to be very valuable to your audience. I talked about the three areas that you need to build on the social media world. From Content Creators to Community Managers to Media Buyers.  I explain each one and how to get help. I think that’s gonna be valuable.

Andrew: Where’s that one?

Manuel: It’s on Instagram TV.

I’ll show you some of the stuff that I wanted to show Andrew because I think I have about 10 minutes max all right. I do have to prepare for this webinar… but I’ll show you guys, all right? Just because we have to leave shortly. But, over here check out his Messenger channel, 690,000 people, all right? Even with 20% unsubscribe rate, I don’t care.

I want to make sure that people unsubscribe, they want to, all right? I don’t want to be paying for people that are not interested in our content. There’s not even a payment plan for this particular level of subscribers. ManyChat doesn’t even have a payment plan above 200,000 people.

It is one thing okay, so if you see another one for example… check this one out over, here we have over a hundred channels so we’ve done quite a bit. I’m gonna show you guys on the Conversations event hopefully a lot of you guys go.

Some strategies for nurturing subscribers for building subscribers and for nurturing, so that’s gonna be super awesome. 733,000 this is my dad’s Messenger channel, okay? With this channel we actually feed the entire planet of Natural Slim®. Nine countries right with this planet we are getting this all sent out across the world, all right? Actually the way that it works it’s quite, it’s actually quite magical. The ad agency is the one that handles the marketing for Natural Slim®.

For example, United States, they tell me “Manuel, we need more phone calls because the phone is not ringing enough.”. All we gotta do is we’ll do a new broadcast and we send it to these people that are engaging and we just simply… I’m not gonna go for the process of building a bot. If you guys want to understand, if you guys want to understand how to build Messenger channels, there’s a lot of information about that.

Andrew has a lot of content he has his University which is great you can actually go to my Messenger channel and if you go to that’s going to take you to my Messenger channel and you can type in there Messenger mini-course, alright? You’re gonna get some training on what we do, okay? If you guys can check that out as an option and that’s gonna take you more into… deeper into what we do.

We actually, if you want to get phone calls, all I do is, I do this and I just write down my copy on it, I plug an image, I do an option for them to call… to chat with a consultant or even call us at the office and the phone’s started blowing up just like that, okay?

It’s a power of having a very engaged Messenger community, okay? A couple of things that we do, this is an example over here of a contest. This contest was like pretty insane, all right? Because this contest right here to give an example of how we started building this out it’s a process, it took us a couple of days to build it. The power of it, what you can do to be able to actually growth hack your business, your channel is incredible.

Exciting news for the next month, “I’m running a Messenger only contest for a chance to win one of these incredible prizes.”. We give them the first prize, second prize, third prize and this was actually quite powerful.

To give you an example of what happened to this, I’m gonna open up this right here. This is actually a contest scoreboard you can see how people were active sharing the unique link. so over here you’ll see for example that the top contestant… let me just get out of here… got up 1114 people to come in.

They actually went very aggressively on this. We didn’t even push this enough. So, building a contest like this is a great way for you to be able to get, first of all the community to get engaged, to get excited about being a part of your channel and participating in something special. At the same time they also get excited about winning a contest because they like participating in these things, right?

So we build the channel out, we have a Google sheet integration, we have a little bit of… you know like a band system, you don’t have to go this “ninja next level”. We have an integration with a tool that allows us to embed personalized images. I don’t know if you guys have heard about Nifty. Nifty Images allows for personalization. We also use Zapier. On this particular example over here we have Zapier set up with it too. Over here, Nifty integrations… and I’ll show you how that looks. Check this out, let’s do a little preview over here.

I’m gonna send myself a preview and I’ll show you how this personalization looks once it comes in on Messenger and we make it a whole experience.

Let me go and open up my Messenger channel right here and let me show you this personalization, how cool it is. If you guys want to learn about this check it out. Look at this personalization right here “Manuel the 2019 Keto summit will be epic!”, so we grabbed those images and with something called Nifty images. We actually can plug in personalized images to make people feel special about themselves, alright?

If you guys want to get data on that again, I’m just trying to provide value to you guys. We have a step-by-step procedure that you guys can actually get through if you’re interested. It’s called… if you go… I put the link down… and we build an SOP that you’re gonna get on Messenger a procedure how to get that done. It’s a little bit technical but once you figure out you can build personalizations and it looks super cool. I

If you look at my quiz, for example, I have a quiz over here this is Grant Cardone’s channel. I’m gonna open up my quiz which is over here… okay… this is my quiz. I bring them in here and I test their Facebook knowledge, okay? Obviously that is my thing, so with…. there’s a personalized image that we create with our image editors. Again you can hire somebody on Fiverr… no excuses okay? You can get somebody to create these images for you. All you got to do is just like plug in the name on the Nifty software program. We have the question embedded in there. Like for example “What is the most important part of Facebook advertising?”. Well there’s somebody that likes your page that you create based on your own information, frequently visits your website.

If you go to my Messenger channel and you type in the word quiz you will see how that works… let’s okay? Let’s look at the preview on this one, and you’ll get an idea on how that looks. We built a quiz inside Messenger that allows me to actually find out more about what they are and their level of skill. At the end of it, they actually get a certificate. At the end of the quiz, at the end of the three levels of the quiz, then now they feel like they got something special, all right?

For example here we get “Awesome you have completed Level Three of the Facebook Marketing Ninja Quiz! Here is your score for this particular level”. Right answers you got so many now, this is like custom fields right as we’re getting a little bit more technical so you got to learn about it remember guys all these things if they are over your head you got to bring it down a little bit and you learn one step at a time.

Is that Andrew back?

I’ll show you this in the meantime okay so for example check this out, right? “The Ninja Facebook Marketing Strategy Quiz ready Manuel?”. Personalization… “Ready to begin Level 3 of the Facebook Marketing Ninja Quiz? Click the button below to start now.”

You start now, you go through the process, and people feel like they’re going through this special experience which is personalized to them.

“Fill-in-the-blank Manuel, a custom audience that_____”. “Choice A: Likes your page you create based on your own information

(B:) Frequently visits your website.

(C:) Thought about purchasing from you at one time or another. 

Well, I’m gonna say that you create based on your own information, alright? Let’s see what it says in response to that. Okay good, so we’re gonna wait for the answer. And… 3… 2… 1… Here we go… 

‘You got it Manuel…’

“A Custom Audience is a type of audience you can create – and use to target your existing customers. People who have interacted with your posts, website visitors, etc.”.

Now if you guy’s wanted to learn about this in one single webinar it’s not gonna happen. I do recommend that you guys start learning step-by-step. If you look at the elements of this…

We got Warner… we got Andrew back! alright!

Andrew: Finally back, thanks for holding it on!

Manuel: Andrew just so just for a heads up I would stay here for with you, for like, forever, but I do have a webinar coming up in 42 minutes, okay?

I was just showing them about the quiz that we’re incorporating on Messenger. I talked about the contest. I showed them what we did… what we doing with Dr. Burg’s contest, how we got somebody to bring in a thousand new subscribers. And showed the basics of that. They actually got to see it in action we did a preview of it and that’s what we’ve done so far.

The basic structure of this particular quiz over here which has been very successful, for me as a personal brand. I bring them in and it has three levels, and just you guys know, how it builds… how it’s built, it has a custom feel, so you got to learn a little bit about how to set your custom fields.

But, Andrew do you teach your students the mechanics of this inside your training?

Andrew: We do, yeah absolutely!

Manuel: You got to learn about that right? You got to learn how to set those custom fields how do these integrations. I briefly touched on the subject of Nifty images, you know?

Andrew: I didn’t know… I saw it on my Chromebook was working… always the Chromebook works…

Manuel: Okay…

Andrew: So, you’re saying I could just take an image of myself like with my phone, holding it up here, and saying “Welcome Manuel…”, “Welcome… whoever happens to be listening… Ben”.

Manuel: “Welcome to my Messenger channel, Andrew!”.

Andrew: Yeah I like that!

Manuel: Right? Like that’s really cool and Nifty has been around for a while. There’s a little bit of a technicality to it. If your audience wants to get details on how to get it done I posted a link they can actually download the steps on how to get the Nifty integration. I don’t like to talk about it too much outside my students because then everybody starts doing it.

Andrew: It does kind of wear it out and it feels…

Manuel: It feels old.

Andrew: …hacky, yeah. 

Manuel: Right now, I know that for example people were talking about Grant Cardone’s personalization all over the place. “Oh, this is so cool! Wonder how they’re doing it?”

Now that your audience knows about it it’s probably going to start going out there quite a bit more. But it’s something that you cannot do on email as powerful as this, right? That’s one of the perks of doing a Messenger channel. It creates a personalized experience for your audience. That’s the reason behind it.

Andrew: Yeah and you don’t have to ask people for their names and hope that they give you the right name and have the time to give it to you. Facebook automatically gives it to you. In fact, every bot company… except for Apple… will give you the name of the person who subscribed because they know that it lets you create a more personal connection with them. 


Manuel: Right… and guys it’s very simple… Andrew, it’s very simple… like I mean, I take it for granted right? I know I’m really good at what I do, so for me super, super simple. For all of you guys, for a lot of you guys, it’s like, “oh my God, I don’t even know how to get started!”. But once you start learning, I mean it’s like, you know, if I actually… I always tell people, Andrew, as a comparison, like if I keep on pouring water in this bottle it eventually is going to overflow, right?

Andrew: Yeah…

Manuel: Well let me tell you one crazy thing, all right? Your mind doesn’t have that problem. You keep on pouring information in it and it never gets full. I mean you just got to pour more information in it, it’s as simple as that. Sometimes those simple realizations are all it takes for one to start. “Okay with so let me learn one thing”, “oh then let me learn another thing!”. Then we learned one thing and then your value increases.

Here’s an example, of a very simple Facebook ad that we run. It’s not even a video from me. This is a very simple image, all right? It says “8 out of 10 got perfect scores how well do you measure on your Facebook Ads knowledge? Start here –”

“Take the quiz here”

So we actually get a mystery created “I wonder how I’m going to do?”

If you have the right targeting then you’re gonna find these people and I’m gonna come into your Messenger and now you got them in you get a certificate at the end, if they pass. Now you have a chance to sell them something within 24-hours and put them in a sequence. That’s how the whole process works.

Andrew: One of the beauties about this, and we’re gonna close it out with this is, actually we’ll close it out with a way for people to connect with you…

Is this is so new! That if you are at all present in the world of Chat you are way ahead of everyone else who completely ignores. It’s like having one of the first websites in the early days did on the Internet. One of the first email marketing campaigns when email was starting to pick up.

It’s a huge advantage! So, whatever you’re doing, even if it’s a tiny bit, you’re putting yourself ahead of everyone else. w

Manuel, thanks so much! I know you’ve got to run. Thank you, also for covering for me when Zoom just went bonkers for me. I could not get it to reload.

Manuel: It’s happened to me it’s happened to me…

Andrew: From now on I’m gonna have a second computer with Zoom ready to go to make sure that it works. Thankfully Maricella who’s on the other side of the country’s got me backed up. She’s a co-host on this and kept things going here with us. And, thank you Manuel. For people who want to follow up with you, what’s a good way for them to connect?

Manul, well the podcast is I’m trying to provide a lot of value there. Now I’m obviously, really busy running an agency too so sometimes I don’t do enough as I want to do. But, The Facebook Marketing Ninja Podcast. I mean if you search for Facebook Marketing on Apple podcast or on Google podcast, you’re gonna find me towards the top of the results.

I have a blog And check out my content on social media because I’m aggressively doing content there.

My Messenger channel, if you follow it you’re gonna get more ideas on how to run a Messenger channel.

On my Instagram and it’s Mr. Manuel Suarez. I do a lot of content, just today Andrew, just today actually published a video which I think is gonna be very valuable to your audience. Which I talked about the three areas that you need to build in the social media world. From content creators to community managers to media buyers. I explain each one and how to get help. I think that’s gonna be a valuable…

Andrew: Where’s that one?

Manuel: Instagram TV on IG TV

Andrew: I saw that you are big on IGTV, you like that… is it doing better for you thanYouTube or you just do everything…

Manuel: Big fan of IG TV man because if if you had, Andrew, if you had a time machine right now and you were given a chance to go back and put out massive content in 2007 2008 what would you do? You will go to youtube probably, right?

Andrew: And be there before everyone else does. So that’s the thing that you do, you go into Instagram TV because it seems almost laughably behind YouTube. But you’re saying “great, that is what gives me an advantage”.

All right, can you put a link to in the chat to that your IG… Actually you know what guys just put Manuel Suarez into everything. Thankfully he does not have a name that’s super common and he’s on every freaking piece of media, you will find him out there. He is doing the thing that he’s advising us to do which is keep creating content, keeps showing up.

Manuel, I know you’ve got a run, thank you for being on here. I love all that. Guys if you’ve got anything of value from this please just say “thank you” right now let him know let him see the love from you. I’m really appreciative that you would do this. This is our first time really connecting on this and I appreciate how much you’ve been helpful for everyone!