Manuel Suarez – My Life Story

I am a made entrepreneur.

I’m not a “born entrepreneur”.

I am the founder and CEO of a company called AGM Marketing. I am a Facebook Certified professional. One of the few official certifications in the Facebook advertising world. 

I know what’s working, I know the strategies that work and I know which ones don’t work as much as they used to before.

Let me tell you a story about myself.

I had a miserable young adulthood and I consider myself to be a loser. I definitely was not interested in school that was not my thing.

Because I was not interested in it I used to feel that I was a failure myself. I was a good tennis player and that was my obsession. I used to get out of school and go play tennis.

My tennis career in Puerto Rico by the age of 12 I was the #1 player in the country and I was in the top 25 in the United States but I ruined it afterward. I got connected with very bad environments. Meaning there were a lot of drugs and I got influenced by all that stuff. I got carried away that was a big part of my life. From the ages of teenage years of 12 or 13 all the way to 20.

I had a really tough time in my life I was unhappy, I was a part of bad groups and I was not doing well in life.  Throughout, five… six years of my life I was broke for a long time. I didn’t have any money.

I lived in Mexico City with my wife and I didn’t have twenty pesos to my name at some points. I couldn’t buy myself tacos and a coke on the corner.  I know what it is to not have anything.

Literally, bankruptcy 2007 coming to the United States. In 2014 I didn’t know what direction my life was going to. I didn’t even know how to generate more income.

So, I became a waiter for many years when I was 32 I look back and I realized that all the things that happen in the past were just in the past and then my future was in my hands. I could do something about it.

Ever since 2007 I’ve been trying to find a way. Something that I felt passionate about. The way that I actually started shifting everything that was going on in my life, that I didn’t have enough survival, just five years ago, was that I decided to learn obsessively.

I decided to learn about what was going on. I found it, in marketing I was lucky. I guess I got really lucky because I decided to get really good at, not intentionally, on the subject of advertising, another subject of social media.

I guess started by listening to people that I trusted, that I admired that I respected for years and I learned from them. And, by me listening to them, I got to implement some things that I know they were implemented successfully and I saw results myself.

I do not expect to get so many realizations and so many overall visions as to our future. It’s that there’s always room for improvement. If you stay connected with the right people you’re gonna keep on growing regardless of what you’re doing. No matter what, you want to take yourself to the next level. You want to be connected with the right people consistently.

I started with the Amazon world myself. Then I branched out into other areas in marketing overall. Once I learned a little bit about it I became obsessed with the Facebook opportunity. I understood it.  That’s the way the world was gonna start communicating from now on. I wanted to make sure that I got really good at it because I am a marker. My obsession is capturing attention. Even though I have a lot of activity I always force myself to at least 20% of my day, be learning something new because if I don’t I know that’s going to be the end of my expansion.

My wife and I have been working hard countless hours, sacrificing vacations, activities, weekends, life with the kids. All kinds of things along the way to have what we have.

In 2016 I create an agency which is called AGM Marketing. I am the founder and the CEO on one of the fastest digital agencies in the United States. Today we generate hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We went from 10 staff in January 2018 to 52! What?! So, from 10 human beings working for the company, full-time to 52 in a matter of 11 months.

I’m currently spending over half a million dollars on Facebook advertising. We’re doing close to 2 million dollars of monthly revenue for Amazon. I had just taken on my dad as a customer who right now is a major social media superstar, with my help. I took my dad’s business from being one country in Puerto Rico and now we’re not only in one country we are in eight countries!

Dr. Berg, he has a big following, he is the king of the ketogenic diet right now around the world. Five hundred thousand people on Facebook, hundreds of thousands on Instagram, we got a community on Messenger of six hundred thousand.

Messenger happens to be a channel (Dr. Berg) that I built from scratch the number one health and fitness Messenger platform on the planet. Not in the US on the planet. I don’t usually brag too much okay, I built the number one health and fitness channel in the world. I did the copy for it I built an entire chatbot. I built the systems on it, all of it.  A few years ago I was bankrupt, just twelve years ago, and now I’m generating millions.

Most people don’t understand what it is, they don’t understand this world yet. Again on my end, there’s a lot of work to be done. I gotta keep on waking people up.

You know what I realized the other day? That’s my job, my job is to wake people up.