Let’s Talk About Podcasting

Now the marketing goes into play, right? Now we start doing the Messenger broadcast. We start doing you know, Facebook post. We promoted everywhere we can. I know we start getting people in there.

My goal is to get a hundred thousand people and within the next year or so. We’ll see if we can make that happen, all right? Let’s go do this quick podcast. 

Just so you know, podcast is something that if you are serious about growing a business you need to be all over it. Because right now is one of those opportunities that are unique of this modern era. Hot tip alert! You can literally grab your phone and you download an app called Anchor. 

I am not affiliated with it, I don’t care if you do or you do not. I’m telling you tips… recommendations for you to be successful in this modern era. You download this app called Anchor. Anchor is a great app. This is a new company… I’ve actually spoken to some of the executives of the company. I created a couple of very powerful channels including Dr. Berg’s, that in the last six months he had gotten 7 million downloads and including my podcast it gets six to ten thousand downloads every single month. You know how much I’ve invested on my podcast? Zero. That’s right zero dollars. 

Imagine in the 1990s somebody approached you and told you “Hey, I’m gonna hand over to you 98.7 FM station for you to broadcast your message around the world… around the United States around anywhere. That’s impossible, right? How crazy would that be? It wouldn’t be possible! There’s no such thing because it was too so much money. 

Actually, if you wanted to buy a 30-second radio spot which is gonna cost you thousands of dollars. Well, this modern world has given you an opportunity and this opportunity, it’s not a small one this quite large one. Most people take it for granted. Probably you take for granted.

I mean in reality, I do to a certain extent because sometimes I just… I don’t want to like, I just want to like, just enjoy life a little bit more, right? Not really I like working, this is fun for me. But if I was really serious about the opportunity, you have to like, you have to really, really put energy behind it and work hard because you get there faster. That’s a reality. That’s how big it is. 

What did I do? I downloaded this podcast app called Anchor. Chances are that you didn’t know what this application can do for you. If you have a business on weight loss, on consulting, on nutrition, on health, on accounting, on… whatever it is, real estate… there is an opportunity to create your own radio station. 

No matter what your business is, keep in mind that people have special interests and the online world is impregnating everything out there. People are jumping off radio and jumping onto online radio. 

What are they going to listen to? Whatever they like to listen to. There’s several billion people on the planet. There’s several billion people on the online world. Let me tell you, what anchor does, what anchor does is that you can do a podcast one single location, one single place, all within your cell phone device, all of it. 

Upload a podcast artwork that you can create on Fiver for $10 or an UpWork or wherever you want. And now start talking to the world about your subject. When you start talking to the world they don’t even have to go to Anchor to find you. 

You know what Anchor does? Anchor pushes your podcast episode everywhere. When I say everywhere, I mean everywhere! That’s anybody on the online audio content world.