My dad, myself, my wife, and our TV producer… that’s the one that does that the show… we flew to New York and we had a one-hour meeting with Gary in his office.

He was like, “oh my God, this is awesome man!”

Brad: It’s a very similar to his story…

Manuel: Yeah well, if you think about it we plagiarize his whole thing. “Wine Library TV” ,

Brad: Yeah…

Manuel: We created MetabolismTV, yeah right?

It was based on his idea. I wrote the story and I told him how he… you know, changed our life, changed everything for us right?

Brad: Yeah.

Manuel: So, he responded back on his email. He said, “Wow wouldn’t be me if I didn’t give you like…” he called it “a right hook.”. You know he says like, “Jab, jab, jab… hook” give, give, give… then ask.

He said, “I’m trying to sell a lot of my new book, which is the Ask Gary Vee book, right? If you give me a thousand books… if you buy 1,000 books from us I’ll give you a one-on-one. So $15k, I bought 1,000 books, all right?

Brad: Yeah…

Manuel: My dad, myself, my wife, and our TV producer, that’s the one that we flew to New York. And we had a one-hour meeting with Gary in his office. 

Brad: Wow!

Manuel: It’s Jersey Boy Daily episode number 29. We are there, on one of his episodes on the other meeting that we sat down and we got a lot of value from it. At that point my dad was still heavily invested on TV.

At that point Gary’s number one advice was after one hour of meeting he said: “Look, I’m gonna keep you the biggest advice…” this was… three and a half years ago… so like three years… three and half years ago… and he said “I want you guys to all figure out what is a least take home that you need to survive to pay your bills. You know… whatever you need to do to make it.” It was four of us there, right? “Just figure out what is the least take home. The rest, of it, all of it, every single penny, put it on Facebook.”.

That’s what he said, “put it all on Facebook”. Because it’s going to go away. So we got out of that meeting, my dad 66 year-old man right? Old-school, traditional… electrified by Gary.

I’ve been telling him… one of my purposes of getting him to go with me was, hey I cannot close you fully, let me see if Gary can. He had already given me a small budget, I was gonna growing, mean it was like going well, it’s like… we’re expanding.

He was like “Wow! This is good! Whoa, whoa, whoa… but he didn’t fully went all in. Yet, after Gary we want all in. Yeah, we got out we got in the Uber and he said “Okay son you got it all. Let’s go.”.

I’m cutting the quarterly on TV over there… “I’m doing that, I’m doing this, let’s go!”. Then we started with skyrocketing from a hundred thousand subscribers on YouTube, we went up to a million in the next year and a half. Then on Facebook we started doing heavy advertising on it all the leads that were generating from there. That was one single meeting that actually changed all of us after meeting with this guy over there. I use his energy… so I have a thousand books I think I’ve given about 50 away, so if anybody wants one of these books you could contact me, all you gotta just pay for shipping.