Get Your Own Rockstars

These guys are brilliant… they have to be built. This is the thing, don’t try. Build them up.  Because this is what they have: “LOYALTY”.

Hire Fast, Fire Faster

We build a team that feels like they’re in the same building. They all feel like they’re in the same building.

I have people in Mexico, in the Philippines, in the United States in, Canada in, Croatia… I have them all over the place but they feel like they’re united. Like right now,  I bet I have a lot of messages… these guys are working non-stop, okay? For my company non-stop.

I train my guys a little bit more, like my students, on how to hire the right people. On how to go through the process. Like my attitude is always like, hire fast… fire faster.

Audience Member: Same here.

Manuel: Okay, so like you bring them in, “Okay, I’m gonna pay you…” “…oh no man you didn’t have the attitude”. 

Who Should You Hire?

If they have the attitude, “I want to learn. I’m gonna do this. What to do next boss?” … They call you boss… “What I do next?” You know?

“I want to learn…”, “come on give me some more work!”.

You got a winner man! Because these guys can be molded. These guys they feel they’re a part of something special.

My biggest decision in my life was about three years ago realizing that I couldn’t handle all myself and I hired one person. That first person that I hired, I got lucky, because they are still with me today.

Along the way I’ve hired a lot of people. You’re the one driving the energy man. If you’re not driving it, these guys don’t grow. If you drive it, if you empower them, if you make them feel special, this guys are like us, they’re powerhouses. They’re amazing. I’m blown away with them.

Testing Them Out

You know, like I actually grabbed a video and then we put it in the Philippines. I just built a simple landing page. They opt-in and then we got one of my staff that sends me a message. “Okay, great I’m glad you’re interested in working for AGM. We want to just test you out first. Can you please go ahead and build an ad?”. Then we give them access to something called “Creative Hub” on Facebook.

You guys know what that is? You can build ads in there, just mock ups, right? And then we see their… “Oh man, this is horrible dude. Pathetic.” Right? Out! “Oh… This is decent! Potential! Okay, bring him in.”.

In 20% of V.A.’s they have something called “Tiers” Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3… the higher the tier, the more experienced they are.

I found some of my best ones at the bottom, Tier 1. I just build them up along the way. They come in there with a willingness and they are ready to roll.

I mean some of my guys if you interview them, for the first time, and like go back four years ago, you would’ve said like, “dude I’m not gonna hire you”. Now they’re like professionals. They’re awesome.  It’s one of the biggest things that you can do. You can get this going like, non-stop and build a machine. Build the Machine around you of these guys.