Find Happiness In What You Do

Confucius the great philosopher, that talked about, “Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life”, it’s basically my philosophy.

Doing What You Love

Happiness basically is really engaging yourself in those activities that make you feel good, you know? For example for me, working 14 hours a day makes me happy.

Well, I’m a happy man. You know like my mom would tell me like, “Son you’re working too hard”.

Of course not! I get upset about having to stop working. I love working!

For me just like for, a twelve-year-old, Xbox is so much fun. Playing Halo or playing the new game that is like right now, blowing it up all over the place, forgot the name.

But there’s this big game that everybody is like into. It’s like world domination on this new game that everybody has on their mobile devices, Xbox, Playstations everywhere.

When you actually LOVE WHAT YOU DO, it doesn’t feel like you’re actually working at all. It’s so much fun to actually just be here talking to you guys. Knowing that a lot of people are gonna be listening to this message and maybe realizing a thing or two and making some changes from that.

If you guys are really happy where you are at, if you’re satisfied, if things are rolling, if you like to go play football on the weekends, you like to go on vacation a lot and you make enough money to be able to make ends meet, then you’re fine, right? You don’t have to worry about that.

The Rat Race

But if people are going through life not really enjoying anything at all because they’re working 9-to-5, then, they get out of work and they don’t feel like there’s another purpose in their lives. The same routine over and over, that’s what we call historically, the ‘Rat Race’. 

In reality, I see this as a big issue. That mentality, usually when you hear somebody tell you something like “hey please enjoy life. Back away a little bit. Just go ahead and do what you’re doing. But do it with funds. Just make sure that you live life”.

This viewpoint usually comes from people that are losers themselves. They actually have not been able to accomplish their dreams and their goals their ambitions. They have not been able to match the things that they wanted to accomplish in life. It’s kind of like for them, if you actually start accomplishing your goals and your dreams you make them look bad yourself.

It’s the best way to live life when you’re passionate about something. If you actually treat it that way the time flies too fast… actually it’s on the opposite side. You feel like life is running through you so fast because you’re having so much fun living life along the way.