Failure is Part of Success

…Process of growing there’s a lot of pains that come up along the way, right? Like you realize a lot of holes. The one thing that I can tell you about an agency, that has been influential, is that having failures along the way, which I’ve had many, I’ve had again… the list goes on and on, right? You learn a lot of it from those failures. Then you grab that experience and you implement it into your future. Then you keep on working on making your structure better around you. 

You might look at my social media channels. You might feel like this guy is always accomplishing success. I failed a lot. I just happen to be lucky enough that I have succeeded more than I have failed. Because of that I have grown over the last few years. But failing is a big part of the process. I’m not trying to be a ‘HOORAH!’ and just get you guys all pumped I’m telling you the reality of it. I have been fired, criticized, attacked, I’ve been complained to… many times, I’ve had employees turn on me, I’ve had close people turn on me…  it could be very intense. 

The marketing world can be something that goes up and goes down. I have had a lot of downs. In the end, I happen to have enough strength in me and enough persistence… resilience to be able to expand more than I contract. 

That way you know, I started… you guys, most of you guys know my story. My story begins with… begins way back right? The agency, this whole process of being a teacher, of educating and really begins with me becoming successful first. 

I had an Amazon business. I worked a lot of many hours and trying to make it successful I did make it successful. From that point, I looked at my dad and said that I’m gonna help you. He didn’t believe me, he was skeptical. I still helped him. He blew up and he expanded. He became a social media superstar. At that point we were rolling, 2014 or so, we were really rolling doing well. 2015 comes up and I got a little bit bored because my dad’s content was exploding, our business was exploding. The Amazon brand that I have built was rolling with or without me going in the right direction, right? That’s when I had people reach out to me. I decided to become an agency. 

It was just me. I sat down with to my partners, you guys have heard or talked to some of them especially in social media, Jorge was one of them and Ernesto, and we sat down and we said let’s go ahead and build an agency. They trusted me at that point. Ernesto came without no pay. He just said “okay let’s go!” because he already trusted me. 

Jorge at that point he was getting paid… he had a job he was working he was getting paid a lot of money thousands of dollars a week. I said “you gotta trust me I’m gonna replace your income”. Come and let me take us through this adventure alright? You gotta just trust me. 

He had a kid and it was a big sacrifice. He came and he trusted me. We had one client, that client was called Natural Slim, and that’s all we had. We started like, just doing content and started helping and eventually more lines came into our world. It’s a steady grind right now. 

We do hundreds of thousands of dollars every single month. Hundreds of thousands of dollars. It was three of us that we sat down and we talked about it. We sat down on our couches and talked about the opportunity. Today, just a short three years ago right? This is three years of growth.

At some point in 2016 AGM Marketing was structured, four years ago 2015. The partnership was structured in 2016 at some point with my two guys, Jorge and Ernesto and it was just us three.

Two and a half years, three years later, I think we got our 58th staff just this week. That’s pretty crazy. We’ve got some great guys, some powerhouses. Look, today the reality I have felt many times along the way, as I’ve structured because with growing with the process of growing… okay there’s a lot of pains that come up along the way, right? Like you realize a lot of holes. 

The one thing that I can tell you about an agency they have been quite influential is that having failures along the way which I’ve had many. Again the list goes on and on, right? You learn a lot of it. From those failures and then you grab that experience and you implement it into your future. Then you keep on working on making your structure better around you. That’s the whole process, that’s what I want you guys to know, right? It’s like even though you might be going through a tough time… trust me I’ve gone from many tough times, very difficult times. Like nights that I couldn’t sleep for many hours because the world felt like it was gonna end. Situations with employees with business… the list is like intense. One day we’ll sit down and over a glass of wine or some food, we’ll talk about some of these incredible experiences in life that we all have probably gone through in order to be where we’re at today. It’s a process right?

I wasn’t a genius I just kept on pushing and put a lot of energy behind and that’s how you get to where you are. Now I’m working right now with some people that are over there, I look at them like that. Which is incredible… there’s this incredible individual who’s a multi-millionaire guy super powerful guy that I’m working on a big project for them on their energy company. This guy’s a very powerful guy. He has a business that generates over half a billion dollars a year, all right? I’m helping him and I’m his go-to guy. I still have a lot of room for growth and that’s the one thing that we know about all of us here. 

Yes Sherry, he has a company called American Power and Gas in the United States. We’re opening up a new business that has just launched in Italy. We’re going all over Europe right now and it’s very interesting, very interesting what… how much you can learn about this world and also how much… let me tell you one thing that for you guys, who are here, it’s only a few guys. I got like 15 people live here with me right now. This area of skill is so darn important guys. Right now it’s so important. I always look at the… you wanna increase your value, Sherry? All the guys are here, you wanna increase your value? Increase your value in this area keep on staying connected and keep on learning. Because this is something that I can tell you that people pay me a lot of money to sit down and get a little bit of this right here. It’s quite unique it’s like throughout ages we’ve known that certificates on the wall determine how much you get paid. why? It doesn’t make any sense anymore like it used to. But it used to mean that if you had certificates on the wall you’re supposed to have more knowledge than the people around you there, therefore, you’re entitled to bigger pay.