Facebook Marketing Explained

There’s a lot of things going on in Facebook marketing. As you know, we talked about Facebook marketing being “INTERRUPTION MARKETING”.

How Does That happen?

Well, there’s 2.3 billion people using Facebook actively every month. There’s 1.5 billion people using Facebook every single day. That’s over 60% of the people that are using Facebook are active every single day. That’s an incredible number.



Facebook is actually a family of apps, it’s not just only Facebook. Facebook is the name of the corporation. Facebook is the actual monster that is the four biggest market cap in this entire country. Facebook is actually there to make money from advertising. That’s how they actually grow.

What they’re trying to do is, they’ve been able to actually grow a massive audience. That now is using the Facebook platform every day or using the family of apps that they own. Now what do they own? They own Facebook, they own Instagram, they own Messenger and a bunch of other ones that you haven’t even heard about.

There’s a lot of different formats. There’s a lot of different placements. So, in short, when you are running an ad on Facebook you are not just running it on Facebook. You have to decide whether you want to run it on the Facebook newsfeed, that’s a placement. Then we have also for example something called Instagram stories, that’s another placement. Then you have on Facebook’s end there’s something called “in-stream ads”.


In-stream Ads

In-stream ads are being put in between the videos that are being placed. Which, are very short videos that are we’re talking about seconds short that interrupt a person’s video. They interrupt the person and then you have a chance to brand your product and then bring them in for your particular thing that you’re trying to create here.


The Audience Network

Facebook’s audience network if you open up different games and different apps Facebook has the ability to put their ads in those platforms and pull people out to their own websites and to Facebook again. There’s also something called “the formats”. What formats are we allowed to use on Facebook? It’s pretty unlimited.

There’s a lot of things that you can do with the formats. You can do a single video, single images… we know about those. Those are the simple ones.



Now you have something called a “carousel”, which you can see a series of images just going by, just sliding through on your fingers, on the actual newsfeed, on your device.

Then you have instead of the single images you can have a bunch of videos become a carousel in which they actually slide one by one. Imagine that. 

You can have a story of five little videos that tell a story step-by-step on how to use your product. The power of this is incredible!


Dynamic ad

That’s what it’s called. Which when somebody visits your cart… they add it to cart. And maybe they don’t purchase then. We continue communicating with these people on Facebook. Then we get them to buy. That is really powerful. When you put a video out there then you have the ability to find out who’s seen your video and who’s not seen your video and who have seen your video 50% or more or 75% etc… a lot to learn.