Facebook Marketing Ads: Rule of 7

First step that I’m gonna tell you, on this retargeting masterclass that we’re doing here today, is that if you have not set up your Business Manager on Facebook then that’s gonna be your first step.

Business Manager is actually your go-to place to be able to create these audiences. I call them “buckets of people”, okay?

It’s like if you think about it, for example, like an analogy base, right? If you have, let’s say that you are fishing in a particular pond and that pond has an estimated 17,000 fish in it. Well, how about if I tell you look, Mary, John, Peter okay? I have another pond that scientists actually did a survey on it and they found that there’s about 76,000 people in it, okay? It’s crowded with people and nobody else is fishing in it, okay? It’s actually like virgin territory.

What would you think about that? Would you actually jump into that 76,000? Or would you stay at the one that has 17,000 people in it, right?

It’s quite a simple choice. One of the things that, as entrepreneurs, we always have to deal with is common sense. Meaning that we’re able to actually make a decision based on what we think is logical for us to do. If we think it’s logical, we actually jump all over it, right?

If I have a 76,000 potential versus a 17,000 potential, well it’s a no-brainer, right? I jump into the 76,000 audience. Because I have a greater chance of selling to people in that particular audience.

The same example as a fisherman that they would actually make the right decision and go to the place where they find the better fish at bigger quantities with the greatest potential. That same example applies to building audiences on Facebook.

If you build audiences on Facebook, as you build them, it is a snowball. Meaning that every single day as you invest money on building these audiences, you have a greater amount of people that you can now bring into your sales funnels. It applies to anybody.

group of young people with phones

Again, no exceptions. If you’re trying to sell products you should be doing retargeting. If you’re trying to get people to your Amazon listing, retargeting. If you’re trying to generate leads for your clinic, no matter what it is, chiropractic, dentist… whatever it is, you need to be doing retargeting.

What’s going on today, in this world today, is that so much content is being produced we have so many of these devices going around… smartphone devices, iPads, cell phones left and right… everybody with the ability to produce content right now. Your competition has dramatically increased over the last few years, no exaggeration.

In 2018 we’re gonna end up producing more content than in the entire history of humanity combined. Why? Because we are all becoming constant content monsters. We are always recording, always documenting, actively.

If you don’t have a retargeting strategy in place for your business then you’re not gonna be able to convert people. People are being conditioned to not respond unless they have seen you before.

There is an old rule in advertising called “The Rule of Seven”. That rule has been around for a hundred years. It states that in order for somebody to trust you and give you money they need to see your face at least seven times. That rule today has never been more accurate.

Today, people, if they have not seen you and you offer them something they are conditioned to think that you are scamming them. Trying to take advantage of them and try to sell them something that is not true. You’re trying to take their money from them. That’s what’s going on in the social media world. Now, why is that happening? Because while you are trying to sell them something there’s another 17,000 people out there that are trying to provide value to them. They are trying to educate them and they are putting videos in front of them and messages and content and articles and images and pictures and free webinars and free education… consistent bombarding of education along the way.