Facebook Algorithm 2020 Trust it!

Absolutely make sure that you let that algorithm do its thing. If you do that, you will win, trust the algorithm.

Trust the algorithm. I want you guys to trust Facebook, trust the system, trust Instagram. Don’t decide what you think is good copy, what you think is a good video, what you think is an actual overall nice image. Don’t decide any of that. Let the algorithm help you find out. Because this algorithm, trust me, is smarter than all of us. It’s faster and it can come up with data faster than any of us ever could dream of.

What you do, is that you run things, you run campaigns, branding campaigns, traffic campaigns, objectives of a selling, lead generation. Then you get Facebook to provide you with data as to which ones are working and which ones are not and you turn off the losers. No matter how much of a conviction you had that, that campaign was going to succeed and you scale the winners. No matter how much you were questioning the quality of that campaign, the audience in it, the ad in it, no matter what, you have to trust the algorithm.

The algorithm does get better with time. Let me tell you one hot tip about the algorithm, once you have something working, once you have a campaign that is producing leads, that is giving you sales, that is branding the heck of your products, that is generating attention at a very low cost… do not touch it. Don’t ever touch it again, okay?

In reality what’s going on, when it comes to actual Facebook is that the algorithm is like a baby. When that baby is born, that campaign gets started. It starts understanding how to walk. It starts understanding how to communicate. It says understanding how to find things, how to touch things, how to eat little by little. Once that baby gets into a stage of being more independent it is now rolling. It can survive more on its own and eventually becomes an adult.

I want to give you that analogy in comparison with the algorithm because the algorithm is the same thing. At the beginning it’s going for something called the “learning phase”. That learning phase is actually just beginning to understand itself, okay? It’s a baby in diapers doesn’t have enough data yet. As you put the ad out there and you invest money in your marketing budget, that algorithm is gonna get more and more data. and It’s gonna give you better and better results. Once it starts producing results do not ever touch it.

If you want to create a new ad or if you want to test out a new audience simply check the box on the left and duplicate the ad set. Duplicate the ad do not change anything in it. One of the major things that I have found in the last couple of years that destroy your results is editing. Audience editing, copy editing, a call-to-action editing, an audience overall, in any way shape or form, when you do that you destroy the results. Whatever you had built it up to goes away completely. So, make sure, absolutely make sure that you let that algorithm do its thing. If you do that you will win.

Trust the algorithm absolutely, okay?