Don’t Be Left Behind – Riding Opportunity Waves

Where I’m at today is a self-built path that was not part of the system.

I guess just like everything else right, there’s two sides- right? There’s a pessimist the, “Debbie Downers”. The ones that are always complaining on social media, like saying that “worlds gonna end” because, you know, things are changing.

And then there’s the optimist. People like, me, always looking at these changes like “hmm I wonder how I can take advantage of that change? There has to be something good about it.”. Then we figure things out and we take advantage of them.

The people that understand it, these people are gonna take advantage of it. And then just like everything else people are gonna ignore it. They’re gonna be left out and when they find out it’s going to be too late for them to do something about it.

Maybe there is something… changes in this world today are absolutely 100% inevitable. Not only that, it’s not something that’s gonna change every four or five years like the government. Changes, here happen year after year, after month sometimes they happen week after week. That’s a reality we gotta continuously adjust right? We got to continuously be up-to-date of what’s happening today.

When you follow people that are doing it we don’t have to worry too much about spending your own money. You can just see them spending their money and then save yourself the struggles that we go through in our end.

Marketing has to be practiced, it has to be improved and it has to be tested, that’s the way it is. Failure is a part of it. Sometimes you got to be like a baseball player you get on base three out of ten times you are a superstar.

Marketing is the same, you gotta try things out. You got to work at it. You’re gonna get some results and then go from there.

This whole phenomena it’s a new phenomenon of this generation. And since I was really good on the subject of marketing, which I discovered accidentally, I realized that Facebook was an opportunity and I jumped all over it.

If you want to build a long-term plan your attitude has to be what information, that I possess, can I actually use to make people better?