Copywriting is just like art. It’s like painting. It’s like acting. It’s an ability, it’s a science, it’s the art and science of capturing attention.

Copywriting has been one of the most important factors in being able to create an impact in social media and will continue to be so.

Let Me Explain to You Why

In reality guys, copywriting is the main thing – the first thing that somebody sees when they get your ad impressed on their newsfeed. Before they actually get engaged with the video, with the images, with the carousel ad or… whatever it is that you’re putting in front of them.

They want to make sure that you deserve to have their attention. The way that they decide that, the audience decides that, just think about it for yourself, guys.

What is the first thing that you see when you’re scrolling through your newsfeed? Just think about that. Is it the video or is it actually the copy, the message above that.

It’s The Reality of Today

If you look at what’s going on, those few lines above a video on Facebook, those few sentences are key.

It’s different in other platforms. For example, YouTube is very different. YouTube, yes.  You want to pay attention to the first two lines on a video on the channel because you know people are reading those two lines before they actually click on the video. So those are important on a search result.

You think about Instagram, Instagram is really different because the text is the second thing you see. It’s a more visual platform. When it comes to Facebook there’s very little things that are more important than your copywriting on it.

Just like everything else guys, just like riding a bicycle, just like actually, you know, learning to use a computer, anything else that you’ve ever learned about in life. COPYWRITING MUST BE LEARNED. That’s what it’s all about.

What is Your Goal?

At the end of the day what are you trying to do when you do copywriting? You’re trying to CAPTURE ATTENTION. You’re trying to get people to actually stop whatever they’re doing and pay attention.

Trust me, there are really bad copywriters out there. If you’re not a good copywriter, nobody’s gonna pay attention.

The Facebook User Experience

Let me tell you what happens, I told you guys before, those of you guys that have been listening to me for a while, that if you understand the Facebook the platform the algorithm is all about user experience, UX, then, you understand that copywriting can make or break your results.

Because if you have bad copywriting then you ruin a user’s experience. They don’t like it. They don’t engage. They keep on scrolling. They don’t comment. They don’t share it, nothing.

User experience will be improved dramatically with good copywriting.

Let me tell you what a good copywriter does, a good copywriter, somebody that knows how to sit down and read a message correctly, that really creates an effect, is somebody that has a unique ability to be able to put themselves in the viewpoint of the other person, of the reader, of the audience.
If you cannot put yourself in the viewpoint of the reader, you will not be able to write copy that converts or gets people to act, it’s as simple as that.