Copywriting Tips for Social Media Ads

…And that this is one of the most underutilized areas and in Facebook advertising. I want you guys to start learning about how to write compelling messages that convert. This is the Creative Department right here. For example if you go to and you open up your message, there’s going to be an option over here that’s called “creative hub”.

In here you’re gonna see all your different activities that are going on when it comes to your ad. Like it says right here, “your big idea starts here”.

I’m gonna stop sharing my screen, for example, and I’m gonna give you guys a little breakdown on the different projects that I will create.

Ok, so you have… you should create a “branding project”. This branding project is all gonna be about cold traffic. Basically, you’re trying to create messages that are going to put you in front of people that don’t know who you are yet. The first point of contact in the customer journey, cold traffic, ok? You should have retargeting projects. Think about this long term guys… like if you are becoming a bigger corporation and now you have staff you, have V.A.’s, you have people helping you, then you can have them assigned to particular areas of your ads manager. Like, these guys can be assigned only to the “creative work” and you can have some other guys assigned to creating the campaigns and using some of that creative work. The “Creative Department” historically has always been separate to the “Research Department”. You can actually, long term, make sure you set that up correct.

Lead generation.

Now, as you guys can see, how I put it on the, on the creative hub, lead generation includes actual emails that you can generate on Facebook. Or, opt-in funnels, that you send them through on Click Funnels or Messenger subscribers. It’s actually a lead generation. If you want to get a little bit more like, micro, you can have a project for Messenger subscribers and I will definitely do that; try to get people into Messenger.

Messenger subscribers. That’s a whole other project, okay? You can do that and then you can have a project for “sales”. If you have a Shopify channel then that could be a particular project for getting people into your sales channel and getting them to purchase products from you.

Then you can have another project which is called Amazon Ranking those of you guys that have an Amazon brand which I know, it’s a lot of you guys.

You can actually have a project which is exclusively directed to getting people that are coupon hunters, they’re looking for bargains and then you’re gonna put them in front of them some special offers. Now, they can actually opt-in and help you rank on Amazon. That could be a whole project.

This something that you guys should set up over here, because that way you have an organized structure, an organized structure of being able to pull your ads in there for the particular things that you’re working on. The amount of things that you can do is pretty much unlimited. These ones are the ones that I will break it into. I’ll break it into lead generation, branding retargeting, Messenger sales… Amazon ranking.

If you look at this, all of these messages right here are different… one… two… three… four… five… six messages you have to write. Six unique messages for each one because they’re gonna need a different message. For example, over here on branding, I never sell anything. There’s no call-to-action. There’s no like “Buy Now”, “Shop Now”, “Learn More’, “Find Out More”, “Download”… none of that stuff. It’s literally branding.

On retargeting, I’m talking to people that already have been exposed to the content. They’ve seen me talk about several things before or they somehow connected with my brand before. Whether they liked the page, or they message my page, or they went to my website, or… whatever it is that’s how we do it.

Every single one is gonna have a different message, right? For example on Messenger subscribers when we’re going after messenger subscribers, we are actually, we are actually going after… we’re pushing them. Like, we’re trying to motivate these guys into opting-in. The message has to be different. Then sales is a different message. Now again, sales is very connected with retargeting. But, on retargeting, you can have… you can push for leads… and you can push for sales. Then, on sales, it’s usually going to be just a “sales message”, right?

The message directly directed towards sales. Then “Amazon Ranking” that is another sort of… that’s another lingo right there. That’s another… you’re trying to communicate to different people and you’re gonna communicate in a very different way than you communicate on the branding.

Now just to prove the point on the… on the buckets, not on the buckets… again on the copywriting, guys, copywriting today is really the single most important factor in your creative. Why? Because when you’re on Facebook when you are actually looking and glancing through everything that’s going on. You… the first thing that you see before you actually engage with a content, with a video or an image, is the actual copy on it. Like the message atop the video.