Campaign Level Budget Optimization

This is called the “Campaign Level Budget Optimization” and this is really, really ninja stuff, okay?

Why? Because now if you’re trying to find out which is the best performing audience you don’t have to evenly distribute the actual budget across all the assets. The way it works is that you can go ahead and you can build a bunch of different ad sets. When you select this little checkbox, I’m gonna show you guys in a second, whatever budget that you have is gonna go directed towards the winner along the way.

“Lowest cost” used to be called “Auto-bid” it used to be called ‘Auto-bid’ because Facebook determines what to charge you based on supply and demand, relevancy, user interaction, and all those other factors. They decided to change the name a couple of months ago and now they call it “lowest cost” because they’re telling you, I’m gonna try to get you the cost at the lowest price possible. You can literally have 25 different access in there. If you have your budget set up as “budget optimization”, Facebook is going to distribute that budget towards the winning audiences. Now is that ninja or what?

I use all these ninja techniques every single day to maximize the results. There’s no miracles about this. It’s a science. You have to understand how it works. You gotta take advantage of it because the reality is, that it’s within your grasp, opportunities like this are major.

When Facebook rolled out this feature recently, it just rolled it out a couple of months ago, I was blown away. And just right now I’ve been seeing results like never before. 

I’m gonna show you guys some other split testing things that I used successfully. But this one is a major one. I want you guys to get it set up as soon as possible so you can start seeing more results.

As you add more assets in there that are going to distribute at the campaign level, that’s what it is. We got three levels right? Campaign, Audience, which is the ad set, and then the Ad those are the three levels at the campaign level you can optimize for the budget all the audience’s.