Building a Brand

Messenger, social media, Facebook, Instagram… you got to be there and you’re gonna be there aggressively. When I say aggressively, I mean like it depends on how bad do you want it.

You’ve got to do a lot of it. And you’re gonna put like a strategy behind it. When you do that it’s gonna become easier and easier to convert these people along the way.

By Building a Brand What Do I Mean?

I mean that you’re actually working on going wide… meaning expanding your line of products and adding more products that you work on. Improving the quality of your products and then you put yourself on social media.

If you are not on social media, if you haven’t figured out a strategy to put your brand in front of people, where they are looking at every single day, you know that all those mobile devices? Like this one that I’m using right now. People are consumed by it.

Over 50% of the time being spent on these devices is being spent on social media. Guys this is what’s going on right now. How incredible it is that?

We can continue to put a message in front of people in social media, in Instagram, in Facebook, in Messenger marketing, in YouTube consistently non-stop throughout the day. 

This is what I call the Coca-Cola effect, the Pampers effect. These people, through ages of a lot of branding, were able to even switch the entire name of a product and make it into a common household name.

A Pamper is Not a Diaper!

A Pamper is a brand. But, we think it’s the only thing that we have.

Coca-Cola, when people think about this drink they think about Coca-Cola because they have impregnated themselves in our mind through branding.

Four Ways to Distribute Information About Your Brand

There’s images, there’s videos, there’s written word and then there’s audio, which is what we have known as something that they call podcast. Any of those ways work. I do all of them. I have the Facebook Marketing Ninja Podcast. I have my Facebook page –  Manuel Suarez.  I have my blog – Manuel with written articles. I have images being put left and right on Instagram and everywhere around.

I’m trying to do all of them but if you guys want to just focus on one of them, that works just fine. It is the power of branding and doing this consistently that differentiates a successful entrepreneur and the successful brand from the failing entrepreneur.