An Overview of the Store Visits Objective

The store business objective is simply amazing guys. For those of you guys that have physical stores, you can run store visit ads around your stores. This is huge for coffee places. This is huge for chiropractic offices that have several offices or dental offices that have several of them.

Because what Facebook does is that it gives you its power of GEOLOCATION – finding people based on what their location is and to be able to drive them in.

Not Only That!

Something that we’re gonna go dive deeper into, you can generate offers right in there! If you do this guys, without even extracting the email, do you know what happens? Facebook reminds them every single day about the existing offer that they claimed. They actually send them emails about the offer.

Now Facebook does the marketing for you. This works for in-store visits, offline or online… it doesn’t matter what it is.

Please know that when you create an offer you can create an offer for a 10% discount, 20% off, 50% off and have Facebook actually distribute the coupons for you, incredible right? Yes, I thought the same thing when I actually did discover this myself.

Creating an Offer

Once you turn this on, right here, you can create an offer.

Then on the offer side of it, you can decide if you want to do it with a code… with one code, with unique codes. Then also you want to decide if you can do… if you wanted only in-store or actually like online only… it’s something that you can decide along the way. You can create an offer that is gonna be claimed by these people.

Have you guys ever seen those ads? “Claim Your Offer”. This is what it is, and you can see here for example the notification and also the emails that they get. Here’s the offer from Natural Slim® “20% off your first initial consultation”… or whatever it is “50% off your first order”. 

People can walk into your store with the offer and be like “Hey, I got this offer on Facebook. I got a 20% discount. Here’s the email, here’s my message on Facebook.”.

Okay? Great. it creates a motivation for people to walk in there and actually purchase your offer.

Daily Unique Reach

What does that mean? That people are gonna see your ad a maximum of one time per day around your office.

Once I got to create an ad, this is very cool, because for example… if I have a carousel ad one of the options, guys, is an actual map. You can actually have… look at this thing right here… you see what’s right here… on this side… on the right side? You can have a map. Let me go ahead and put it as a first option so you can see it. When somebody clicks on that thing, they’re gonna go and get directions to their map.

You can have a “Call Now!” button. For example, if I have a “Call Now!” here you can put your phone number in there. When somebody clicks on the “call now” they actually call straight to your office.

They can be like “Hey, are you available today?”, “Are you open for business?”, “Can I call you?”, “Can I show up personally?”, “Do I need an appointment?”… or whatever it is.

It just opens up the door to drive a lot of people to your store.