An Entrepreneur is Made Not Born

I think there’s some people that say that entrepreneurs are born not made. I disagree.

I think that once you get something out of the way like whatever is tying you up… tying you down, you wake up and you really get it to the next level. You explode.

You know I’m 37 years old today and my first 32 years of my life I did nothing entrepreneurial. Quite literally. I was trying to get the most out of my family. My dad… we were middle-class you know, we came from a decent background. By the age of 8 my dad got divorced from my mom. After that we actually had a meltdown in the family. By the age of 12 my entire family was bankrupt. My dad, my mom… everybody. We lost everything. We started over. My dad’s story, it’s an incredible one. But, we come from a background of like, having a lot… being decent and then having nothing for my teenage years.

Then along the way my dad would just help me survive.  I would have a job. I would work eight hours a day and just earn minimum wage. I actually was a waiter for a couple of years of my life. I never had really any ambitions. I mean by the age of 24 I got married. I met my wife, I met her in Mexico City. I was studying over there, I was studying some philosophical training in Mexico City. And then, there I met my wife. And still I had no hopes, ambitions or desires to be an entrepreneur to own businesses.

I’m thinking that entrepreneurs were smart and that was not for me. Like there was all these viewpoints about… that’s just not for me.

For the next nine years or so I had a 9-5 job, Monday through Saturday. Then something happened to me. Mostly me realizing by observation that there was a different era. There were a lot of people taking advantage of this era. Why am I standing on the sidelines? I was struggling. I couldn’t make ends meet. I was having a tough time paying for my mortgage. I couldn’t have my kids in a private school. I couldn’t do everything that I wanted to do, it was a struggle.

I think that the way that it happened to me was early 2012 actually, my brother-in-law, who’s one of my partners today, he came in and he told me “look there’s something going on with this Amazon world.’ It was a towards, I think it was Amazing Selling Machine, the third launch or something like that. Then he told me you can sell stuff on Amazon. And I’m like really? Oh wow! Interesting. You can sell your own stuff on Amazon? Wow, let’s do it!

For me that was to start. That’s when I had my first wake up after 32 years of slumber. Totally in this world of being able to produce money and just and things just started taking off man. I mean it was a big snowball effect for me. I got so obsessed with it.

Now I can tell you that, I can go back in time right now and understand that generally my life when I get obsessed about something, I don’t stop until I conquer it. When I learned a new subject, and that was marketing, I became obsessed with it. I just couldn’t stop until I mastered it.

If you have dreams, goals, ambitions… whatever they are, if your actions will not match those ambitions and you’re stuck nothing’s going to happen. So, like at that point I was already open to the possibility of like, wait a second I think that since we have 24 hours in a day and I have to sleep six or seven. I have to work eight. I could probably do something with the other eight hours of my life. That just started making sense to me, you know? Like one of the key qualities of smart entrepreneurs is common sense.