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5 Tips for Building a Successful Online Business

I got inspired by this awesome guy who asked me “What are the 5 tips that you would give anybody who would want to build an awesome business?” What tips would I give someone that would want to build something that plants roots, all over the world. And that got me thinking because I have […]

The Power of Re-Targeting

Hey guys, so today I want to talk about something very, very powerful, that people don’t really understand how it works yet. That is the magical world of retargeting on these social media platforms that we have today. This is like probably the most underutilized area of Facebook advertising because, in reality, on Facebook and, […]

The Ebb and Flow of Opportunity

I’m gonna give you a quick background –  One of the most important terms when it comes to advertising and that’s “CPM”. What does that mean? Cost Per Thousand That’s a term that has been around for many, many years. From the era of advertising or newspapers to magazines, radio all over and it’s important […]

Using the Conversions Objectives

Let me explain to you exactly how this works the first column over here, this is an awareness column, the second one is a consideration column, the third one is the conversion column. Do you guys know? You probably did because I just realized this a few months ago that this is a marketing funnel […]

The Facebook Ninja Podcast | Episode 1 – Getting started on Facebook how to grow an Instagram

Welcome to the Facebook Marketing Ninja podcast with your host: Hello this is Manuel Suarez. Here on episode number 4… well I have been for the last few weeks I’ve been a little bit disconnected from doing podcasts. I’ve been traveling a lot delivering seminars in Las Vegas delivering seminars in the Caribbean… I’ve been […]

Facebook Marketing Explained

There’s a lot of things going on in Facebook marketing. As you know, we talked about Facebook marketing being “INTERRUPTION MARKETING”. How Does That happen? Well, there’s 2.3 billion people using Facebook actively every month. There’s 1.5 billion people using Facebook every single day. That’s over 60% of the people that are using Facebook are […]

A World of Opportunities

My favorite word ever, that’s “Opportunity”.  Opportunity has been around forever. We’ve all gone through different opportunities. Some people have had more opportunities than others. This word we all know. We know what the definition of “opportunity” is, right? An opportunity is something that just comes into presence and you can actually use it to […]

The Art of Scaling Facebook Ads

SCALING ADS ON FACEBOOK IS AN ART. You have been empowered with something that most people die to have. Start visualizing what is your ideal cost per result on everything that you’re trying to accomplish. Whether it is a video view, a generated lead, a purchase – anything that you’re trying to accomplish. What are […]

Being Willing to Run a Marathon

This is the reality as to why most people fail to build brands. When you’re talking about building a brand, you got to understand that you are running a marathon. This is a long term career. What marathon really is and what it comes from. No business was ever built without a lot of hard […]

An Overview of the Store Visits Objective

The store business objective is simply amazing guys. For those of you guys that have physical stores, you can run store visit ads around your stores. This is huge for coffee places. This is huge for chiropractic offices that have several offices or dental offices that have several of them. Because what Facebook does is […]